About Us


We are psychologists and counsellors promoting effective counselling so every school student can thrive. We achieve this by providing effective leadership for the profession, developing psychological and counselling capacity for schools, and supporting members in their professional growth.

Our Guiding Principles

  • that all psychological and counselling services we provide are informed by sound evidence.
  • that we recommend best practice teaching and learning strategies for students to schools.
  • that schools recognise optimal mental health and wellbeing as vital to the learning success of children and adolescents.
  • that schools treasure the expertise provided by psychologists and counsellors.




President Kevin Thoms
Secretary Rob Spence
Treasurer Leanne Benson
Membership Secretary Brian Bazzo
General Committee Ally Robinson
General Committee Claire Drake
General Committee Denise Hardingham
General Committee Keita Rennie
General Committee Lauren Brincat
General Committee Michael Fajardo
General Committee Natasha Bryceson
General Committee Shirley Lu
General Committee Susan Colmar

Our Policies

Policy Date Last Updated
Privacy Policy January 2021